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dyfsThe Division of Youth and Family Services/Department of Child Protection and Permanency has an enormous amount of power to take custody of your children and make very difficult requests of your family. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates, P.A., have been representing parents in DYFS/DCPP cases for many years. Most people do not realize that the State has the right to immediately take custody of your children based upon a concern for their safety. Very often, DYFS/DCPP has made a mistake about you and your family and it is extremely important to hire an office such as Jeffrey Dragon & Associates to make sure that your voice is heard in Court. DYFS/DCPP cases are not criminal cases and you do not have the same rights. The Law Firm of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates is more than capable of working with the unique and possibly unfair laws and procedures present in many DYFS/DCPP proceedings.

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