Author: Jeff Dragon

Best Of South Jersey for Best Attorneys Practice

Jeffrey Dragon & Associates Multiple Winner of Best Of South Jersey for Best Attorneys Practice in Southern New Jersey

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon and Associates, of Cherry Hill, NJ have frequently been recognized by winning the award given by the Courier Post newspaper for the Best of South Jersey Law Firms. They have recognized the law office as one of the best law practices.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon have represented clients in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area for more than 35 years. We have handled thousands of legal matters on behalf of both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Our office has extensive experience in a wide variety of legal matters, including complex civil and criminal litigation. Our Practice includes many matters in both the state and federal court systems. The firm has handled litigation in such diverse areas as family legal matters including DYFS cases, support, custody, prenuptial agreements, divorces, torts, contracts, criminal law, worker’s compensation, business and corporate matters, real estate, securities, insurance, and financial issues for both individuals and businesses. Protecting and promoting our Client’s best interests is the number one priority for all attorneys allied with the firm.

Providing 24-Hour, 7-Day a week legal representation and services for his clients has allowed Mr. Dragon and his associates to become more than just attorneys to their clients. Their practice of assigning more than one attorney to each individual case (at no additional cost to the client) has allowed our clients unfettered access to their case. Being able to get an attorney on the telephone at any time, is one of the main reasons that Jeffrey F. Dragon & Associates has been voted one of the Best Attorneys Practice in Southern New Jersey.