Building Contractors

insurance_contractorWe work closely with experienced Building Contractors that specialize in property damage reconstruction. Our attorneys understand the challenges of getting paid in a timely manner from the insurance companies and banks. Experience allows us to assist in the protecting against the misappropriation of funds, slow pays, and other disruptions which ultimately slows down construction, upsets your client and cuts into your bottom line. We are also highly experienced in all collection matters related to this specialty insurance industry.

We can assist in delayed banks disbursements, proper fee distribution, outright denials without any proper explanation and almost any situation, which ultimately slows down the proper settlement of your clients claim. Our experience and programs are in place to insure these problems are avoided or settled rapidly for both you and the client. Our experienced legal professionals, with over 40 years in practice, work closely with the Insurance Company, contractors, property owners, and adjusters and have the resources available to protect you and your clients from these familiar industry pitfalls. Allow our team of attorneys and professionals to assist and protect your company in this ever changing business of insurance adjusting.

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