Public Adjusters in Cherry Hill, NJ

public_adjustersWhen a homeowner experiences serious damage to his or her home or property, they will contact their homeowner’s insurance company right away. The company will usually send out a representative to examine the home and evaluate the damage. This is how the insurance company will determine the cost of the damage and decide how much, if any, to pay the homeowner for his or her loss.

We can assist in delayed banks disbursements, proper fee distribution, outright denials without any proper explanation and almost any situation, which ultimately slows down the proper settlement of your clients claim. Our experience and programs are in place to insure these problems are avoided or settled rapidly for both you and the client. Our experienced legal professionals, with over 40 years in practice, work closely with the Insurance Company, contractors, property owners, and adjusters and have the resources available to protect you and your clients from these familiar industry pitfalls. Allow our team of attorneys and professionals to assist and protect your company in this ever changing business of insurance adjusting.

Homeowners often accept the value of the damage given to them by the company and do not realize that they can challenge that value. A public adjuster is an individual that can help a homeowner determine an actual cost to fix their home. In the same way that an insurance company uses a representative to create a value of the damage, a homeowner is also permitted to have a representative help him or her determine a value. Often times, the public adjuster will use his or her expertise to come up with a number that is higher and more accurate than the insurance company’s number. This can result in a larger claim for the homeowner.

When a homeowner is disputing a number given to them by the insurance company, it is important for them to consult with an attorney’s office that deals with public adjusters. An experienced homeowner’s insurance firm regularly works with the homeowner’s public adjuster in determining a true value of the damage. An attorney needs to know how to work with public adjusters if he or she is going to be able to provide the proof and expert support necessary to win a lawsuit against an insurance company.

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