Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJIn 2016, there were 308,177 total arrests reported in New Jersey. But not all of the individuals who were arrested were treated fairly. Some were innocent of their crimes, while others were convicted and given harsher sentences than they deserved. For the rest of their lives, people with convictions must suffer from the consequences of having a criminal record.

If you’re facing criminal charges, you could benefit from working with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer. Your future is at stake and you deserve to work with someone who will fight for your rights. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates wants to take on your case.

Types of Criminal Cases in New Jersey

Our firm handles several types of criminal cases. If you’re facing any of the following issues, you should consider working with a lawyer:

Sex Crimes

Even if you aren’t convicted of a sex crime, the accusation of one could destroy your career and your life. All sex crime charges should be taken seriously, as the courts tend to come down harshly on convicted offenders. In New Jersey, child pornography, statutory rape, and sexual assault are examples of sex crimes.

Drug Crimes

Even something as minor as possession of marijuana comes with a penalty. The possession of prescription drugs, cocaine, and other drugs could all result in jail time. Typically, possession of a small amount of the substance is treated with more leniency than possession with intent to sell. The state takes a strong stance against the selling, manufacturing, or trafficking of drugs.


According to state laws, theft could be a misdemeanor or a felony. The type of charges you will face depend on the value of the property you stole and the circumstances of the theft. For your crime to qualify as a misdemeanor, the value of the property must be under $200. You could be sentenced to as much as six months in jail.

Drunk Driving

Many people find themselves in need of a New Jersey DUI lawyer. Despite campaigns against drunk driving, thousands of drivers are guilty of driving while drunk. Even if no one was injured in the incident, you could be forced to serve time in jail and pay high fines. A New Jersey DWI lawyer could fight the charges and save your reputation.


After an arrest, your life immediately changes. Your arrest may follow you around for years to come, leaving you with a permanent scar. However, expungement could be the answer to your problems. By working with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Camden, NJ, you may be able to have your record removed.

Why Should You Work with a New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It’s no secret that no one wants to go to jail. And while one of your main reasons for working with a criminal defense attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ should be to avoid jail time, there are other benefits to working with a lawyer.

First, there’s the issue of your future. A DUI conviction might not come with much jail time, but it will have a significant impact on your life. If you are convicted of a crime, it will remain on your record for the rest of the world to see. Any time you apply for a job, an employer could find out about your record. As you search for housing, a landlord might deny your application based on your criminal history.

Another benefit of working with a New Jersey criminal lawyer is the ability to minimize your sentence. If you don’t have aggressive legal representation, you might face the maximum penalty for your alleged crime. But an experienced attorney knows how to convince a judge to minimize the charges or dismiss them completely. Call the Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates to learn more.

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