DUI Defense Lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ

As far as drunk driving laws go, New Jersey is quite strict. The state takes a no-tolerance stance on driving under the influence, and many individuals find themselves facing harsh penalties. Whether you are a first-time or a repeat offender, you should work with an experienced New Jersey DUI lawyer.

Your lawyer may be able to prevent a conviction or a maximum sentence. In either case, they give you a better chance at a bright future. Let the Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates take on your case and fight for you. 

New Jersey Drunk Driving Laws

There are several drunk driving laws in New Jersey of which you should be aware. For instance, you cannot take a plea bargain to minimize your charge. If you are convicted as a first-time offender, you will be required to pay fines, serve as many as 30 days in jail, and lose your license for 90 days. 

Once you have a conviction, it stays on your record permanently. College officials, property managers, and prospective employers can see your record every time they run a background check. You could spend your whole life hiding from your criminal conviction.

A New Jersey DWI lawyer is your ticket to fighting the charges. With their guidance, you can work towards proving your innocence. 

What Qualifies as a DWI?

According to New Jersey courts, a driver is under the influence if they have reduced mental faculties from the use of drugs or alcohol. If alcohol is the culprit, the individual is over the legal limit if they have a BAC of .08 or more.

An underage driver can be charged with a DWI for having any amount of alcohol in their system. Regardless of your age, other substances do not have a legal limit. Currently, there is no way to test when a person has too much marijuana in their system. Other substances have the same issue, so the use of any narcotic or habit-producing drug while driving is illegal.

Consequences for Repeat Offenders

As your number of previous offenses rises, so do your penalties. For a second DUI offense, you can expect a fine of between $500 and $1,000. You could also expect:

  • To spend between two and 90 days in jail
  • A two-year suspension of your license
  • 48 hours of detainment in an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center
  • A penalty of $1,000 every year for three years
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle

A third-time offender faces a $1,000 fine, 180 days in jail, and a license suspension of ten years. They also will likely have to attend an in-patient alcohol treatment program, pay an annual penalty for three years, and install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle.

Fees Associated with DUIs

DUIs can cost you thousands of dollars. In addition to paying a high fine, you may need to pay a Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund surcharge, a Motor Vehicle Commission restoration fee, an Intoxicated Driving Program fee, a Violent Crimes Compensation Fund fee, and a Safe and Secure Community Program fee.

There may also be other fines for other circumstances, like getting a DUI in a school zone. Another expense comes in the form of your court fees. However, this cost could end up saving you money. If your attorney is successful in their defense, they will limit your fines and other consequences. 

Why You Need a New Jersey DUI Lawyer

In Camden County, there were 27,186 arrests in 2015, some of which were DUIs. You’re not the only person facing a DUI conviction, and there is help available.

Whether you were innocent or guilty of a DUI, you’re entitled to legal representation. An aggressive DUI lawyer in NJ knows all of the state laws and understands how to fight charges. In the best-case scenario, they can get your charges dismissed. 

Everyone deserves a chance to defend themselves. A DUI Attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ is waiting to take on your case. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates today and learn more about fighting your charges. 

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