Probate Lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ

probateThe Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates, P.A., will work to guide a beneficiary through the complex world of Probate Court. Usually, a thoroughly planned and designed estate will make the process of executing a Will relatively simple and will ensure that the deceased’s intentions are followed throughout Probate. Jeffrey Dragon & Associates has many years of experience in planning Estates and will work to make sure that a future Probate process is as painless as possible. Unfortunately, not every person has the benefit of a competently constructed Estate. In those cases, it is necessary to hire an attorney such as Jeffrey Dragon & Associates to represent you in Probate Court. In the cases where a Will is disputed, Probate will become the process where a Judge will decide who inherits from the Estate. Depending on the size of the Estate, this probate process will determine whether or not you will inherit, and the amount you will inherit from the estate.

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