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In Camden County, there were 14,791 criminal offenses in 2016. Every year, thousands of people in Cherry Hill and the rest of the county find themselves fighting for their future. All it takes is one conviction to ruin your life.

By working with a criminal defense attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ, you give yourself a chance to stand up to the prosecutor. You might be able to get your charges dismissed or get a minimal penalty. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates has years of experience fighting for individuals facing serious criminal charges. We can take on your case and seek a positive outcome.

Common Crimes and Their Penalties

If you’re facing charges, you should know what’s at stake. Here are some of the more common crimes in Camden County and the penalties that come with a conviction:


Although many people think assault is a physical act, it could be purely verbal. Assault is making someone fear they will be physically harmed. Therefore, the harm does not need to occur for there to be a crime. Simply threatening to hurt someone could be enough to result in a criminal conviction.

According to New Jersey laws, assault is split into simple assault, aggravated assault, and assault by vehicle. Your punishment depends on the type of assault and the circumstances of the incident. For a simple assault, you might be sentenced to as many as six months in prison and $1,000 in fines. On the other hand, an assault with a vehicle could lead to as many as ten years in prison and high fines.

Sex Offenses

Sex crimes in New Jersey are not taken lightly. Crimes such as sexual assault, possession of child pornography, and prostitution all qualify as sex offenses. While some sex crimes involve forced actions, others involve no force. For instance, statutory rape occurs even if the minor consents to having sex.

Because sex crimes vary so much, the penalties range from fines to prison time. A judge or jury could order you to attend a sexual rehabilitation program or to perform community service. Typically, the age of the victim, the relationship of the offender and the victim, and the frequency of the crime impact the severity of the penalty. As an added consequence, sex offenders must register in a federal database.

Crimes Against Children

This category can have some overlap with sex crimes, but also includes other crimes involving children. Any time a crime is committed against a child, the court is unlikely to show leniency.

Sexual molestation, physical abuse, child pornography, and neglect are examples of crimes against children. The penalties vary from fines to decades in prison.

Drug Crimes

New Jersey is fighting a war against drugs, and this could result in extreme penalties for those who are found with drugs in their possession. Whether or not you have the intention of distributing the drug, you might find yourself facing time in prison.

One of the most serious drug crime charges is drug trafficking. Even if you were only in possession of a controlled substance, if you’re found with a certain amount the court will assume you intended to sell it. It’s crucial to find a criminal defense attorney in Camden, NJ who will fight for you.


Drinking and driving is against the law, but that doesn’t stop people from attempting to drive while intoxicated. In an effort to crack down on drunk drivers, New Jersey has harsh penalties for offenders.

Depending on the circumstances of your DUI and your prior offenses, you could face months in prison, high fines, and an alcohol education program. With a DUI attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ, you can fight the charges.

In 2019, Cherry Hill police ran a DUI checkpoint during the July 4th holiday. Arrests were made and many people found themselves in need of a New Jersey DUI lawyer.

Criminal Defense FAQ

Do you still have questions about criminal defense? If so, read this FAQ and contact a New Jersey criminal lawyer.

What Should You Do If You Suspect You Will Be Charged with a Crime?

Some individuals suspect they will be charged with a crime long before the police start knocking on their doors. Before you are eye-to-eye with a police officer, you should contact a criminal defense attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Although you should hire a lawyer as soon as possible, you might want to spend some time researching local law firms. This means finding an attorney who has experience defending people in cases that are similar to yours. By doing so, you improve your chances of a positive outcome. They’ll have an in-depth understanding of the laws that are relevant to your case and will craft a convincing defense strategy.

Should You Talk to the Police?

When the police arrest you, they’ll want to question you. But you have a right to legal representation, and you can tell the police that you will only answer their questions when your attorney is present.

If you don’t wait for your lawyer, you could incriminate yourself. When you have your day in court, the prosecutor will use your words against you to convince a judge or jury that you deserve a conviction.

That said, you should be cooperative with the police. Be polite and respectfully request your attorney before moving forward with the questioning.

Is There Any Way to Erase a Criminal Record?

Once you have a conviction, it remains on your record even after you serve your time or pay court-ordered fines. Your record might prevent you from obtaining a steady job, a comfortable apartment, or a much-needed loan.

However, you may be eligible for an expungement. An expungement attorney in NJ can tell you more about the requirements for expungement. Typically, minor offenses qualify as long as you have no pending charges and a sufficient period of time has passed. After the expungement process is complete, your criminal record is deleted from government databases.

When Should You Call an Attorney?

If you suspect the police are investigating you or you have been charged with a crime, you need an attorney. They can start building your defense strategy and prevent you from making a mistake that jeopardizes your case.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Dragon & Associates, P.A. has dedicated years towards helping New Jersey residents fight their criminal charges. Call us today for more information about our firm.

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